Can someone please help?

:?? hi, new to this board and having trouble, i want to make these puffy slippers in 2 colors. the pattern says cast on 66 st with main color ,then knit 6 in main color then 6 in contrast color across the needle, pulling yarn along back to make the puff
the second row is the part that is causing me the trouble…it says repeat row 1 but carry the unused yarn in front of the work??
HOW do I do this???
any help is appreciated

When you work across the first row, the yarn will be at the back. When you turn the work to knit or purl across, that yarn will now be at the front automatically.

so i just continue knitting the same as the first row? it seems to me i tried this and i had strings of colored yarn then on both sides, but i will try again

If your second row is a knit row, then yes your yarn is going to be at the back of your work. You are going to have to move it forward, as you would before working a purl stitch, in order to strand it across the front, then move it backwards to start working your knit stitches again.

True. I didn’t consider that the back could be knitted. Just bring the yarn forward between the needles at that point.

thanks ladies, i will try again, it sounds like i am moving the yarn from back to front across the row, i can figure this out , i will figure this out lol

just ensure you move it between your needles, not over, or you will create extra stitches this way :teehee:

:oops: oh i feel so stupid, got it now lol,you girls are great, i don’t know why it always seems to be the simple things that stump me