Can Someone Please Help With Finding This Pattern

I need a plain ribbed sweater pattern knitted with Guernsey wool using approx 2.5mm /3mm needles, it is sometimes known as a fishermans sweater but OH doesn’t want the cables, just plain with round neck, maybe a rib of 3 knit, 1 purl.

Can anyone suggest anything please as I have bought the wool with a pattern from the shop (he deosn’t like the picture as end the result).

Sorry but I am still learning and have tried to work this pattern out but not very good at this yet.

I am open to suggestions and all the help you can offer.

There is a picture of what he would like on ravelry but it is for a baby size

This is the link

Thanks so much in advance

I think knitty has a men’s ribbed pullover that’s plain; I can’t remember the name but if you go through their archives you’ll find it.

Thank you I will look there now, fingers crossed

This is one possibility (and it may be the one Sue was thinking of) that comes close to the needle size and style that you’re asking for.
Alternatively, you could take the yarn and needles that you have and knit a swatch in a 3-1 rib, see what gauge you get, and see if the pattern you have can by adapted to that size and gauge. It may depend on how complicated the cables etc. are in your current pattern however.
If nothing suits, maybe the yarn can go back to the yarn store and you can look for another pattern with different yarn?
Good luck with it!

Yes, thank you, it was Leo.

Thank you, I have shown him that, but he is so fussy and doesn’t want that one, this is the actual pattern I need but not available , as I said I am not experienced even though I did finish my last sweater you all kindly helped me with
(I couldn’t have done without you)
If someone can tell me how many ribs, I think 1 + 1 but probably wrong or do you think 2 + 1 would be better and how do I calculate how many stitches for a 42 finished chest on the needles I need.

Thank you

Fishernan’s rib is an actual stitch similar in appearance to brioche stitch. You can look up videos for it online and also patterns. It works very well in 1 + 1 rib but you’ll need to learn the st and do a gauge swatch.

Could you do the basic pattern following Leo, but do Fisherman’s rib instead of the ribbing shown? There’s a tutorial for F Rib here.

Thats it, :cheering: and the stitch looks so easy too, thank you, gonna start this evening but no doubt I will be back here soon

Squizzer, do make sure you do a decent size tension sample and measure well for fishermans rib, it does not measure like ordinary rib. Good luck!!

Thanks for that tip, I will do, the wool cost too much for it to turn out wrong

The sts will be wider and shorter than you’d usually get with the same yarn and needles, but they’re more loose and open, so you can either do a smaller size of the pattern, or use a smaller needle.