Can Someone please help me?

[SIZE=“4”]I am working on this pattern-[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“4”]I am about to start the black part of the sock. I just finished the cuff of the sock. I was wondering, how do I switch colors while keeping the colors attached?:?? There is also a ribbon design on the sock. I need help with adding the design while switching colors. It would be VERY helpful if u have a link to a video for me to see.:figureditout: Please help me if u can!!![/SIZE]

The pattern has you add the ribbon after the sock is done as duplicate stitch. If you want to do it while you’re knitting you’ll need to use the stranded (fair isle) method of using two colors at the same time. The problem with this is that you’ll have to carry the ribbon color all the way around the sock as you knit even though it won’t be used again till you do the ribbon. In this case I think duplicate stitch is more practical, but if you want to give it a try here’s a two-handed fair isle video.

Remember to keep your floats loose or it’ll bunch up and won’t look smooth. If they are too tight it’ll also be too tight to put on.

To knit with two colors and keep them both on you just start knitting with the new color. You can tie the two ends loosely together if you want and then remove the knot and weave in the ends later.

If decided to go with the easier way and use duplicate stitch you can cut the cuff color (about 6 in) and just knit the rest of the sock with the other color. Here are some tutorials for duplicate stitch.

Thanx so much for the help! This is my first time knitting a sock. I just had an idea of what I can do, but i have a question to it. When im knitting this sock am i knitting the sock pretty much inside out?:??

[SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Lime”]Thank You so much! I have never tried duplicate stitch. I think I will start now! It sounds easier, but I have never tried it so I guess i will find out! Thank You again!:woohoo: [/COLOR][/SIZE]