Can someone please help me figure out this pattern?

I’m a beginner knitter and I tried to make these slippers today:

I didn’t know how to do the step at the end that says “Work 14 rounds ending at one edge of the slipper, and then split the stitches over two needles. Knit two stitches together - one off of each needle.” When i knit the stitches together off each needle the tip of my slipper looked pointy on the sides instead of rounded like in the picture. Can anyone explain how to do the last step or does anyone know why my slipper looked pointy? Thanks!

Thanks for posting the link. It didn’t link up because you’re new, but it always helps answer questions.

How did you bind off the stitches? How many stitches are on the needles when you go to bind off?

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help.
You are doing a three needle bind off for the toe of the slipper. Instead of knitting the first 2sts (one from each needle) onto the right hand needle, try slipping them purlwise onto the right needle. Knit the next 2sts together and then pass the 2 slipped sts over the stitch at the end of the right needle and off the needle to bind those sts off. Continue to bind off at usual until you get to the last 2sts (one on each needle) and then follow one of these methods to avoid a pointy final stitch. Method A should work fine here. Doing the end sts this way should avoid the pointy ends and give a more rounded look to the toe.
Good luck with the slippers.

Thank you so much for your help. Ill try to make it again and let you know if I got it to look right