Can someone please help me decipher this instruction?


“Using 3.5 mm needles, cast on a) 37 - b) 39 - c) 41 sts and work in garter st.
Inc on each edge: a) on foll 18th rows, inc 1 st twice - b) on foll 18th rows, inc 1
st 3 times - c) on foll 16th rows, inc 1 st 4 times
[a) 41 - b) 45 - c) 49 sts]”

I’m doing size c). As far as I can tell, this means cast on 41 stitches, work straight for 15 rows. On the 16th row increase 4 at the beginning of the row and 4 at the end of the row.

Am I interpreting this right?


Hi, no, you increase 1st at each end on the 16th row then increase 1 st each end again on rows, 32,48 & 64. You will then have 49 sts on needles to continue on.
Hope this helps,enjoy your knitting