Can someone help with this sock pattern?

Here’s the pattern:

All’s been going well, but now something’s weird. I got the cuff done, and turned the heel. To do the heel it has you put 31 stitches on one needle & 29 on the other. You work the heel on the 29. I did that. I slipped 8 stitches to a new needle, and picked up 24 along the gusset. It says I should have 34 stitches on this needle, but 24 plus 8 is 32, not 34. That’s issue number one.

Then I get to needle #2, which is the 31 held stitches that will turn into the top of the foot. It says to knit in the pattern, which is over 30 stitches. Then I think it means to knit the last stitch onto a new needle, pick up 25 stitches, then knit across the last 9 (to the center of the heel). Then it says needle #2 will have 27 stitches, but the pattern, over 30 of the 31, doesn’t decrease. It has 2 increases & 2 decreases to break even. So how do I go from 30 to 27 stitches on that needle? It gives the total of 96 stitches, 34 plus 27, plus the 35 I’d end up with on needle 3. But I have 32 on needle one (not 34), plus 30 on needle one (if I transfer that last stitch to needle 3), plus 35 on needle 3, for a total of 97.

Any help???

For your first issue, see the directions as follows:

“Slip last 8 sts of previous row onto one needle; continuing with this needle, pick up and k 24 sts (1 st in each slipped st) along edge of heel flap [B]AND[/B] 1 st between heel flap and held sts, [B]K FIRST ST OF HELD STS[/B]. 34 sts. This needle will be designated Needle 1”

This is how you get 34. It also brings your 31 sts to 30 sts, I believe.

I can’t see for the second part of your question though. I’ll go through it a bit more later, but probably someone else can help you quicker on that part.

I missed that-thanks! Easy to fix. If you figure out the second part, let me know! It’s a total mystery to me right now.

Just bumping. I emailed the woman who wrote the pattern too. :slight_smile: