Can someone help me witht this pattern?

I want to make a scarf witht this pattern How do you use the thick and thin yarn together?

well i could be wrong but it looks like it can be one of two things going on there. either they are switching needles randomly to make the bigger and smaller stitches or they are using thick/thin yarn. doesn’t really look like it is two different kinds of yarn. is there a pattern to go with that hat picture? might be able to tell more for sure if there is.

To me that looks like the yarn is creating the pattern. A think and thin yarn, as Brendajos said.

:doh: hehheh srry no pattern I think the idea of switchining needles sounds more reasonable since the colors fit together perfectly. I’ll try it :XX:

The yarn itself goes from thick to thin and back again. Here’s an example.

i love working with thick/thin yarn…the texture is so cool…and if that stuff there was in another color i would be having to head to the store to get me some new yarn that i don’t need…lol

yeah i don’t think it is the needles since there would likely be holes in the work if it were…goooo with the yarn! :rofling:

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