Can someone help me understand this pattern?

Can someone please tell me what “Purl the next st and the next yo together” means? I know how to purl and how to yo, but am really confused about what this means. Thanks!

You must have some yarn overs in the prior row. Now, on this row you treat the yarn overs like any other stitch. Basically what they want you to do is p2tog - purl 2 together. Look on the glossary page and you will find a video for p2tog.

"Purl the next st and the next yo together"
This indicates that in the last row you worked a stitch and did a yarn over next to each other. Now on the return row when you get to the point they indicate, you will have the next st at the LH needle tip and the second thing will be where you did a yo on the last row. Insert the RH needle purlwise into the first stitch and on through the yarn over loop as well, and purl them together as one stitch.