Can someone help me understand this decrease please

I am currently knitting Sirdar Pattern Design number 10189, which is a cardigan, I am currently knitting the Left front, and about to work shape neck, which is worked as follows

NEXT ROW K9, K2tog, K1(NECK edge) (p2,C2f) 3 times,p1 = 24 St’s
NEXT ROW K1,(P2,K2) 3 Times) purl to end

WORK 6 rows dec 1 St at neck edge as before in next and every following alt ROW 21 St’s

WORK 13 Rows Dec 1 St at neck edge as before in next and every following 4th row 17STS

Continue without shaping until left front measures 52 cms.

Now here is my problem… and hope I can explain myself clearly
It appears to me that the pattern is asking me to decrease mid row,which pattern calls NECK EDGE,but surely this decrease should be at the beginning of the row, to shape neck not mid row.
I went ahead as pattern states, but no shaping appears at front edge, it just remains straight,
So I read instructions for Left front border, it states

R/S Facing start at centre of neck pick up and knit 10 sts evenly from back of neck,27 sts evenly along SHAPED EDGE,21 sts along straight edge 5 sts evenly along rib.

I really do hope someone can help me, I think of myself as a fairly experienced knitter, but this has really frustrated me. Thanks in advance for any advise anyone can offer .

There are several decreases to shape the neck edge and the designer didn’t want to interrupt the cable pattern. The decreases are placed in the stockinette section near the cables.
It’s going to provide a bit of shaping but perhaps not as much as the schematic might indicate.
So work the decreases as directed even if it seems mid-row.

Thank you so much, that did cross my mind, but when I looked at the schematics, and read to pick up stitches, on the shaped part, I doubted myself, I will carry on with confidence now. I have been ‘lurking’ on this site for a while and always marvel at the friendliness and help that is always given, so once again thank you very much.