Can someone help me please

:grphug: Hi from Donna in Indiana:
I have a dilemma. I found a great pattern for a crochet cape and wnat to order some good yarn to make it with. The pattern calls for Brunswick worsted and Brunswick crystal yarn. I can not find these yarns. There was some listed on Ebay but the color was wrong and there wasn’t enough. I am prepared to substitute with another brand of yarn but I cannot find out how many yards of yarn there are in these two yarns and I certainly don’t want to run short and be unable to complete my cape. Can anyone help me? How many yards of yarn are in these two skeins. Please email if you will. I will be grateful.

You may be able to find the yarns at and that should give you the yarn weight (thickness) and yardage of each

suzeeq’s link should help. Is your pattern or a picture of it on line? I’d love to see it. I’ve been looking for a cape pattern too.

I see a lot of Brunswick vintage knitting pattern books in the thrift stores. Is this a British company? Are they even in business anymore?

Registered just to answer this: Brunswick Yarn Company was bought out by Patons about 14 years ago