Can someone give me some EASY tips?

Hi my name is Kelly and I’m a newbie here! I decided to take on knitting because I thought it was going to be easy and fun! I do alot of arts and crafts stuff but I can’t knit. I want to learn but I can’t get it. The stitches look so sloppy and I’ve started over a bazillion times it seems like because I’m not happy with the look. Somebody :pray: PLEASE :pray: help me! I want to knit a simple scarf for a blanket for my new cousin. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t do this. I’ve watched the videos on this web page a million times and I’m getting some of it but it doesn’t look good.

Kelly, in my humble opinion, you just need to stop starting over, and keep knitting. It can be very hard at first, and it may take a few days or a few weeks to “click.” You just need to make peace with the fact that until it does, your knitting will look kind of ugly! But practice, practice, practice and you will see it start to look better and better. :smiley:

okay the first thing you need to do is stop…breathe…repeat.

then you need to stop worrying about “sloppy” stitches. Get some cheapo yarn or take whatever cheapo starting yarn you bought and begin again. work on casting on your stitches until you have that right. Then start knitting. start with the knit stitch and don’t stop that until you have it mastered. and do NOT tear the work out! There is one girl here (sorry i can’t remember who it was though i think you have told me several times) who started knitting on a skein of yarn and didn’t stop until the skein was gone. She had the world’s longest scarf but what she also had was an amazing work in progress where she could see her accomplishments of changing from icky loose sloppy stitches to nice even stitches.

it IS fun if you don’t let yourself stress out. I have said this story before and i can’t help but think it always applies when people who are new get frustrated and keep tearing their work out.

I sat there at the table where the lady was teaching me how to knit and i had a very puzzled look on my face. I think i had about 2 rows on my needles. she said “what’s wrong.” “It doesn’t look right,” i said. She rolled her eyes (yeah i saw her but pretended i didn’t…lol :wink: ) and said “Just keep knitting. You are too new to know how it is suppose to look!”

JUST KEEP KNITTING! and breeeeeeeeathe. you will be fine, just stop tearing out the work so you can see the change as it is happening. Also, check the two FAQs at the top of this page for some answers to questions we get a lot. VERY helpful information there too! you can do it…just don’t expect lace work (like i did…seriously thought i was going to knit afghans like my grandma’s within the first week!) when your needles first start clicking!

okay so she was MUCH less verbose than i was!! :oops:

:roflhard: That was me! I made myself knit an entire skein of Red Heart! It was freaking tedious, but it did the trick! :smiley:

lol…well there ya go! AND looooook at the beautiful work you are doing now!

Kelly, Julie always shows us what she is currently working on in her Avatar…see how pretty it is?! all from starting with a wicked boring skein of red heart! :wink: :thumbsup:

First of all I would like to say I LUV your little Walmart logo there!!! That’s funny! Brendajos I use to live in Grand Island NE…but now i’m in TX! I got the double cast-on down it’s just the next row doesn’t look very good. I think if I can try to finish a little scarf then ends won’t look so craptacular but the finish projects looks good I guess. I am gonna have to start over once again. I did buy cheap needles and yarn from target for 2 bucks for everything. Thanks for the advice ladies. I’m going to get this even if it kills me…BREATHING…in through nose and out through the mouth…thanks!

I’m a relatively new knitter, too, and started over countless times at first. My yarn started to look funky from the overworking, so I decided just to keep knitting to see what happened. After a few rows, the knitting started looking like, well, knitting! (And if you use a cheapo practice yarn, you don’t have to worry about all the money you’ve spent on it.)

So keep knitting. The trick is to get your hands accustomed to working the yarn and needles, to get everything to feel right. It takes awhile, so just be patient.

I know it’s hard to keep going when the first few rows look like they’ve been chewed by rats, but press on!

BTW, you might try a different cast-on method. I’ve started using the long-tail cast on, and wow, has it ever made a difference in the way the first two rows look–not much evidence of rats anywhere :slight_smile:

You can do it! :thumbsup: