Can someone give me a kick in the booty?

I tried to start my summer tank (Cleo from Knitty) but I think I was a little more ambitious than my skill level :rollseyes: so now I am just intimidated and procrastinate on knitting… I haven’t touched it in 3 days.

You don’t need a kick for that! We all have to lay projects down for some reason or another. It’s nothing to be ashamed or guilty for!

You’ll pick it up again (whether its a week or a month from now) with renewed confidence, I’m sure of it!

Don’t EVER knit something if you don’t want to. Period. Knitting should be pleasureable, not a chore!!

Scrap it and pick something else. Later, when you’re feeling more confident, maybe you’ll want to try again. :slight_smile:

When starting a new and intimidating project, I like to do a bit of practicing first. I have just a cheap ball of yarn from woolworths that I use to practice new techniques and tricks before I actually do them on a real project. This saves the time of backing up and figuring out how to do it when you go along, although thats not always bad either! Practice makes perfect! or atleast gets you closer…

Actually I do. It is my personality. If I have something to do that I am putting off for whatever reason and I put it off long enough I’ll quit. And not just the project… I’ll quit knitting all together. I know that I just need to get remotivated (by threat og bodily injury most times :rofling: )


[color=red][size=6]GET KNITTING YOU SLOUCH!![/size][/color]

(how was that?)

Hmmm…this sounds like a job for Kelly K. Oh Keeeelllly…where are you??? Do that drill sargeant thing you do…

I’m sure she will appear soon…


Hey! What happened to your “gosh darn stubborn,” Iowa Girl?!! (The Music Man- For those of you who don’t have a clue what I’m saying.)

I have knitting projects that I put off for years and then come back to it with gusto. As the Buddah says “It just hasn’t manifest yet, when the conditions are right then it will be manifest” (Or something like that)