Can someone explain this? >>>

From Rib and Cable Quartet scarf…

One of the rows says to do the 4/4 left cable…

Okay, here is the 4/4 left cable:
[COLOR=“Red”][B]Sl 4 st onto cn and hold in of work, k4, k3 from cn, sl last st from cn knitwise.[/B][/COLOR]

I don’t get the K4, K3…isn’t that just K7? I feel stupid for asking but maybe i’m missing some secret code? Can’t they just say K7 from cn and slip the last st?


when you do a cable you are twisting stitches, so you put 4 on the cable needle (or however many it says) then hold them to the back or front of the work, then you knit the stitches from the left hand needle before you knit the ones fron the cable needle, so they get twisted, so with yours you would slip 4 onto the cn, then knit 4 from left needle to right needle, then knit 3 from the cable needle and slip the last one off the cable needle onto the right needle, does that make sense? hope so

Right, it’s not “k4, K3” It’s “k4, k3 FROM CABLE NEEDLE.” You won’t have 7 on the cable needle–you’ll only have 4 on it.

You’re slipping 4 to the cable needle, then knitting 4 from the left needle, then knitting 3 from the cable neele and then slipping the last one from the cable needle.