Can someone do me a small favor?

As you might know- I live in Seoul, South Korea. We get some magazines from the states on base… and I’ve been looking and looking for this ‘yearly holiday’ edition of a particular magazine and apparently SINCE IT IS NOW DEC 11… it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting it.

So, could someone pick it up for me and mail it to me? Pretty please? I’ll pay you for the postage and the magazine- just email me when you get it mailed and I’ll send you a check or a money order (whatever you can get at the post-office) whatever you prefer.

The magazine is: Just Cross-stitch 2007 Special Christmas
Issue Christmas Ornaments.

If you’ve never seen it- it’s just full of great holiday Cross-Stitch ornaments and the designers of the ornaments provide a favorite holiday recipe too.

It’s the only cross-stitch issue that I buy all year and we can’t get it here… and I hope it’s not too late to get it in the states now. It can be found in grocery stores or bookstores in the ‘magazine handicrafts’ section. *Yep, the same place you’d find knitting magazines.
Last year’s issue’s cost was $6.99

Oh, postage to me is the same as if I lived in the states… not an international cost at all. So, just a magazine placed in an envelope will be perfect and low-cost.

Thanks so much IN ADVANCE… if someone can help me out. I had emailed two friends about it- but, I’ve heard nothing from them for 2 weeks… about getting it for me and… I’m afraid if I wait much longer- the magazine might be sold out.
cloud9 This will be me… if I can get this magazine!

I’ll look today in our local grocery store and will let you know if it’s there. If so, will gladly help… we can’t have you over there without a favorite knitting mag! Mary

You can order it here

[B]MWHITE… Thank you so much- let me know what you find out![/B]

[I][U]Momwolf… you are the wonder woman of knowledge…[/U][/I] I would have never known about that website… I checked it out… but, they DO NOT have the APO AP option (which is my city/state) address for the military addresses. Darn it… So, it doesn’t look like I’d be able to place an order w/ them.
There are still sites ‘here and there’ that don’t acknowledge those of us working for the US GOVT overseas.

keep us updated and i will see the next time i am in barnes and noble. if now one has found it by next week pm me and I will probably be making another pre-xmas trip there, I am sure they would have it.

Thanks everyone- it’s bedtime (tue pm) here in Asia… so, I look forward to checking to see if someone has found the magazine when I check here tomorrow… (well, tomorrow for me!) :hug: Yeah, for thoughtful knitters… helping someone get a Cross-stitch book of Christmas ornaments. :smiley: Maybe, I’ll actually have time to make one… during winter break?

I’m on my way to B&N in a little while. I’ll check and see if I can find it! I’ll let you know when I get back.

Alas, Dear “Idratherbeknitting”, our lone grocery store did not have it. I will keep looking and checking on this thread to see if anyone has found it. I really don’t mind getting it from the website, Momwolf listed and sending to you if need be. Mary

I am so sorry I didn’t get out today-darn car battery! I’ll be going tomorrow and be sure to get it if I see it!

Just saw this thread so I’m a little late - but if no one else has had luck locating the magazine I’ll be happy to look too, or order it and send on. Just PM me if needed :slight_smile: Chris

Ok, let’s see if anyone can find it at a grocery or book store… if you do… post here… and then, we’ll go from there.

Thanks for the offers. I just hope I didn’t wait too long and that the magazine can still be found. AND, if it can’t be found in an actual store. I select Chrislt8 to be the one to order the magazine and send it to me… (she was my secret pal in the swap)
So, knitters… go forth and find this magazine for me… and report back.

No offense, but what if 2 or 3 of us come up with the magazine - you’ll only want one, what do we do with the extra copies? I don’t do cross stitch, so it wouldn’t be of interest to me, but I’m going to Borders today and will check if it’s there for you.

Well so far… only one person told me that they looked for it- but, it wasn’t to be found at their local grocery store. SO, I would hope that the first person who spots it… let’s me, and others here, know that they found it or that they purchased it.

They can buy it if they want and post here… keeping in mind it is now 10:30pm WED night for me… so, I won’t check back in for 7 more hours… so, if someone finds it… I would hope that they’d post… before they buy it.

OR IF THEY BUY IT… if they post here… others will know NOT TO BUY it??? Right???

Of course, I understand that not everyone lives right where stores that sell this magazine is located…

I will take the chance that maybe 2 people do buy the magazine for me-- if that happens. I’ll pay for both of them and give it away to someone here. Not a problem for me.

Thanks for asking.

Duly elected :slight_smile: I’ll wait until Friday to order it - so if someone lucks out and finds it in the store please let me know. I’ll check back here before placing the order on Friday.

My Barnes and Noble did Not have it! They were so helpful in helping me try to find it but they had sold out. Hopefully someone else will have more luck!

Thanks, Holly… see it looks like I did wait too long for it to ‘eventually’ appear at our small newstand of magazines. :frowning:

You know… you just gotta have hope, right? Especially, since I found it there a couple of years ago. Sigh… I’ve been checking there ‘every so often’ since OCT though.

Ok, if anyone finds it… post here and let us all know- so, the search can cease… and if not, Chrisl8 you can order it on FRIDAY… if you don’t see something here. Just please post here that you have placed the order, ok?

AND, thanks so much everyone… the front cover of the magazine looks really good… really cute ornaments!

I just called my local Books a Million & they have it. She’s holding at the desk for me. I will go pick it up tomorrow morning. Let me know where I’m mailing it to & I’ll get it out to you tomorrow.

:woohoo: :woot: :cheering: :yay: CHRISTINA FOUND IT!!! :thumbsup:

:hug: :muah: :grphug: :woohoo: :woot: :happydance: Oh boy!! Christina found it… the search is over! :smiley:

It will arrive in time shortly after the start of my 2 week school holiday… and I can work on one and get it finished ‘before the new year begins?’

(they have to do this or teacher’s wouldn’t return after the way that kids get SO WOUND UP for the month leading up to winterbreak and all the festivities!)
I’ve sent a PM to Christina… woo hoo… I’m gonna get my cross-stitch ornament magazine!! I’m gonna get my cross-stitch magazine… :roflhard:

Well, I bought one, but it may not be the right one. It’s “Just Cross Stitch” December 2007, says “25 Stunning Holiday Projects”, “Exclusive Wintertime Sampler”, and “Quick and Fun Gift Ideas”…it has a Santa cross stitch on the front. Is that the wrong one?