Can someone decipher this for me

I have a pattern for a hat with a bill…I am knitting on 10.5 round needles with a double strand. The pattern begins

CROWN-cast on 61 sts for lower edge, looping sts on with 1 end of yarn. P1 row on right side.

Does this just mean to cast on 61 stitches and then pearl a row and this will become the bottom opening of the hat?

Thank you!!

Yep Yep Yep, shore nuf does.:thumbsup:

Is it a special kind of cast on? I read something about an invisible “looped” cast on and wondered if that was what this meant, but I don’t know why that kind of cast on would make sense here…

It’s called a “backwards loop caston” There is a video for that technique in the video section of this site.
Hope that helps.:thumbsup:

P.S. It might be that it has less bulk than the long tailed castons or cabled style and make for less of a bump to interfere with the headband of the hat.

thank you!