Can someone confirm how I'm reading this pattern?

The pattern I’m working on is the [B]Trapeze Jacket[/B] from Stitch Diva. It’s not a free one so I can’t link it, but my question is pretty quick…

It’s worked top down, the back section first then the fronts are worked down from a provional cast on. I’ve finished the back part for now and am just starting the right front. On the back the stitch pattern is a slipped rib pattern, basically P1, sl1 wfib repeated across on RS rows, ending with a P1, and K1, P1 repeated across WS rows, ending with a K1. So none of the rows end with a slipped stitch.

Now, on the right front, I’m working on 34 stitches so the row still starts the same but instead of ending with a P1 I should end with a sl1 wyib to keep with the established pattern. So when I do that and turn to start working the WS row, which begins with a P1, my working yarn obviously is coming from the second stitch on the needle. I’ve gone with it for a few rows and it just seems weird, but maybe it’s right?? Could someone confirm or give their opinion please?

I’ve slipped the last st on patterns and if you do as it says, leave the yarn in back, when you turn to do the purl st, it’s right there. Doesn’t matter that it’s on the 2nd st.