Can Somebody help Me with this knitting Technique?

I want to do thsi type of knitting but don’t know what this abbriviation means: sl 1K, K2tog,psso? it also is SK2P.

Slip one stitch knitwise (Sl1K), which means to move on stitch from the left needle to the right needle without actually knitting it. You will insert your right needle into the stitch as though you were going to knit it (so, from the front left of the stitch if that makes sense) and move it to the right needle.

You will then knit together the next two stitches on the left needle.

Finally, you will take that slipped stitch (which is now the second stitch from the tip on the right needle) and lift it over to the left and right off the needle.

All of these steps together are a double decrease (two stitches decreased).

thanks a lot for that information!

You’re welcome! Also thought I’d make you aware of this page:

Lots of videos of all those kinds of specific stitches that you may not know. VERY helpful!!