can slipped hourglass stitch be done in 2 colours?

i really want to do a 2 colour slipped houglass knitting stitch but im not sure it can be done in 2 colours. please tell me if it can

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It looks like it can work and is certainly worth a try. You’ll have to be careful that the background yarn is carried to the back when a stitch is slipped.

Have you tried it on a small swatch?,stitch%20with%20yarn%20in%20front.&text=The%20first%20way%3A%20Slip%201,and%20knit%20it%2C%20purl%201.

While not the same stitch, this does have a lot of similarities:


i have knitted a swatch and gad to frogg. i have but i dont know how to carry the bacground stitch with the slipped stitches. do you know how?

thank you. ill check that out now.

You purl across the background stitches to the slipped stitch then take the yarn to the back, slip the stitch, then continue with the purl background. If there’s a right or left twist involved keep the yarn in front for the purl and in back for the slip stitch.
The idea is to keep the yarn not in use to the back so that it doesn’t show across the front of you knitting.

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