Can pattern be converted?

I really like this pattern, but when I saw it had to be seamed, I cringed. :ick:

Can it be knit in the round, making changes as need be from a fabric knit flat to knit in the round?

Yep, CO a couple sts less (they would have been the seam) and work it like ribbing. The cable/twist rows are worked on the RS anyway. You might have to work the thumb gusset flat, or by the time you get there, you may have figured out how to work that in the round too.

:cheering: Yay! Thanks Sue! I was hoping that I could just cut out extra stitch(es) that would’ve been the seam, then proceed. My seaming is TERRIBLE…sure, it would be a good opportunity to practice it, but…maybe next project! :oops: