Can not get past a second row

I am brand new to knitting, just got a scarf kit. I can cast on, and knit the first row, but when I get to the end of the second row where the slip know is at I keep failing. The instruction say nothing, I have searched the forums, and watched several videos but I still can not figure out what I am doing wrong.

What are failing at? explain a bit more.

Can you not turn?

Are you turning your work? The needle with the stitches is in your left hand when you start each row, the empty needle is in your right hand. When you knit the stitches move from the left needle to the right. When the right needle is full you switch hands.

Don’t worry about loose stitches just keep knitting. Practice makes your tension better.

Does this help?

When I get to the last loop on the second row made by the slip knot it gets all tangled up. I do the last stitch and drop the last loop which is the slip knot the knot becomes a big mess.

Is there a video that shows the knitting the first couple rows uninterrupted?

Yes, there’s demo of a small project, which shows the cast on, working a few rows and bind off. Try doing your slip knot so you can tighten it up from the tail.

BTW, when you first put the sts on the needle, that’s the cast on, not a row, and the next row that you actually knit is the first row.

Here’s the page with the video.

I will point out that the video shows casting on w/o the slip knot. I much prefer this method to using a slip knot and this may solve your problem if you learn how to do it. It’s called long tail cast on. There is a video of it here in the video section.

If you need to use a slip knot for now just knit that slip knot as a stitch and keep going.

Yep, try a long tail cast on and see how that works for you.

Also, are you knitting the slip knot? If I have to do a knit cast on I don’t count the slip knot as a stitch and I don’t knit it. Once I’ve knit a row I just remove the slip knot and leave the tail to weave in later.