Can not get into the sites advertised here

[color=blue]Morning all… anyone else having a problem getting into Kemp’s store or the other sites advertised on the KH site? I get this message for knitpics:
sebago, me[/color]
[i]Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

There has been an overflow or underflow in GC memory pressure. The possible cause is unbalanced AddMemoryPressure and RemoveMemoryPressure calls.
-----------------plus a lot of other info on the page---------------------------[/i]

I was able to get into the other ones, but KnitPicks showed an error message. Must be something with their site. :thinking:

Thanks for the reply, could you get into Kemp’s store?

sebago, ME[/color]

I can get into them all but knit picks and Kemp’s… I tried putting the address in myself and couldn’t get into either… hopefully they will both be back up later on in the day… :smiley:

[color=blue]Thank you! I was trying to figure out if it was from my end here at work or on their end. :thinking: I will wait a bit and try Kemp’s again.

sebago, me [/color]

I think there is some kind of problem with AT&T networks. I cannot get into my company’s network. I hope they fix it soon or I might have to drive into the office…I haven’t had to do that in quite a while.

Kemp’s store was forbidden to me by my server, so I don’t know. (I’m at school.)

knit pics is doing odd things - Kemps was just fine for me a minute ago

I have not been able to access Knit Picks since last night. I get an error message. I can open Kemp’s site. :?? :??

[color=blue]I can access Kemp’s site now! yay! :cheering:

sebago, me [/color]

knit picks is back up it seems!