Can knitted pieces be "knitted" together?

[color=blue]I make alot of purses and backpacks as gifts. I never like the way my seams look when they are sewn. Can I knit or crochet seams together instead? If so, how do I do that? Thanks so much for all your help here. :thinking: Glenda[/color]

Maybe double knitting is what you’re looking for? Amy has a video for double knitting too! Here’s another double knitting pattern that might give you some ideas.

Hope that helps …

If you knit in the round you won’t have as many seams! Also, the Kitchener stitch, at the bottom of this page, joins things nicely, but you have to use live stitches (as far as I know).

Yes, Kitchner stitch must be done with live stitches.

You could also graft the pieces together. I’ll try to find some info on that for you.

Knitting in the round is your best bet though, quick and painless!

I think the kitchener stitch is a PITA, so I use a three-needle bind off more often. It makes a neat, but not totally flat, seam. You have to have live stitches on 2 needles, and then another needle of that’s the same size. It’s good for sholder seams, I hear, becasue it is firm and not strechy (but Ihaven’t finished a sweater up to the sholder seams yet, so who knows?)
Here’s a link to a site with good pictures, but they are a bit dark.
Here’s a link to amy’s continental video, and here is a link to amy’s english video. HTH :slight_smile:



I know you can crochet pieces together, but I couldn’t find the link I was thinking of. Googling got me: (#16 & #17)


I so wish I could do a live class on seaming. I’m one of the oddballs that enjoys seaming as much as knitting. I get a little thrill from the perfect invisible seam.

I know. I’m a dork.