Can kids really wear knitted clothing?

I have never attempted a sweater or dress simply because I get anxious at the thought of putting it on my 1 year old or 3 year old and the item immediately getting dirty beyond repair. But I LOVE the look! Do babies/toddlers really wear knitted items? Help me get over my fear!
Is there a preferrable type of yarn that will clean easiest?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep, use an acrylic or cotton acrylic blend, something that’s machine washable.

I’m a new knitter so I haven’t knitted anything for toddlers but I did give my 3 year old nieces (now 17 years old) adorable Peruvian handknit matching wool sweaters. One niece was a prissy princess; the other was a tomboy. The sweaters held up well because they were heavy and very solidly made (the grayish brown background color and intricate color patterns also probably hid the dirt well)

My sister and sister-in-laws only complaints were that the sweaters were too warm in any but the coldest weather and since the wool was a bit itchy, the girls needed to put a turtleneck under the sweaters which made the whole ensemble even warmer.

But my nieces loved their sweaters and they got handed down to their younger sisters. One sweater is now being worn by the fourth little girl.

Absolutely, you can. I would use acrylic or at least an acrylic blend because kids’ skins can be sensitive and you can just throw them in the wash. I would also use something self-striping or a varigated yarn, or marbled, etc., because it will hide the dirt much better.

Washable wool works well for babies, toddlers and younguns of all shapes and sizes.

My kids both went to a Waldorf school and the teachers always sang the praises of wearing wool sweaters, socks, mittens and hats in the cold weather. There is something about wool that keeps you warm and dry well after your mittens and hat are soaked and wet from playing in the snow.

I know there’s the idea that you should never give a mother of a young baby something that isn’t washable but acrylic will never keep you as warm as something made of wool.

As for getting dirty, have you seen a sheep before it’s sheared? Filthy beasts, they are. But after washing and carding, their fleece is white as snow and ready to be made into lovely garments that can last for ages.

yep. washable + chlorox 2 or all (w/ stain remover).

i use something along hte lines of red heart for the rough and tumble group or caron simply soft for babies. my minions say wool is itchy to them (it may be, i had a sensitivity to it for years and have only recently been able to work with it)

Knitted clothes look traditional and cute on babies. They have to be freshly knitted and not old/shabby looking or else the baby just looks like a gypsie. I knitted many clothes for my small baby. She looks very beautiful…

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