Can i VENT?

ok… i’m going to anyway… ok … i’m in the 8th grade and well… i hate my science teacher… he’s a guy amd soooooooooooooooooooo mean! ok today in class… i was looking @ the anwsers on overhead… and chewing on my cheek… he think i’m chewing gum!!! he gives me a 2-day lunch detention… i am :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :-x :-x :-x :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!!!.. i hate it … i don’t understand… i developed it when i had my braces and haven’t kicked it … i hate it… my friend scared me when she said ur getting a detention… i of course think on the bad side thouht it was a REAL detention… instead of a lunch… which isn’t AS severe… thank god… just 9 weeks and a month to go … i’m not in the mood to do the matth… can u tell i’m lazy…

i can’t help but venting … thnanks!

:hug: I think you could use a cyberhug!

You have to laugh that it comes from me, because I’m a Home schooling mother who tutors high-school Grade 11 and 12 math students in my spare hours for money.

Hopefully that gave you a little :teehee:

As for what to do… I guess there isn’t a lot to do but pull out the knitting and vent away. Just try not to pull those stitches too tight as you are mentally giving your teacher the what for!

I’m just going to come right out and say that I dug up my 7th grade yearbook yesterday, and I barely remember any of it. I have my high school yearbooks too, and I barely remember any of that, too. I’m 26.

Take comfort in knowing that you’ll be an adult for a lot longer than you’ll be a teenager, and what happens then will matter much more than what happens now. I have an unfortunate habit of chewing my tongue (it’s genetic, my mother and sister do it too) and I’ve caught more than a bit of flak from teachers who thought I had gum. I don’t understand the no gum rule, anyways. I can understand the no gum on furniture rule, but… well whatever.

Can you knit in detention? I wish I had known how to knit when I was in jr high. As for dealing with annoying teachers, suck it up and know that you’ll forget their names by the time you get to college.

Good luck!

Sorry about the jerk teacher. We’ve all had them. Hard to remember they are just people and can have a bad day and take it out on an innocent-just like the rest of us can and do.

My youngest son had a teacher in HS that he just could not abide. We came up with a plan and it worked great. Do every piece of work that teacher gives you to the best of your ability. Try for straight As in that class. Be active in class, ask questions, discuss the answer. When you’ve taken all that teacher has to offer, ask for more. Ask questions that send the teacher looking for answers. By the end of the quarter my son and the teacher were buddies and my son learned lots. More importantly, my son was happier going to school every morning.

:shrug: Ok, I may be 37, but since I don’t have kids yet… I totally feel like I just got out of highschool some days. Your situation reminds me about how I got detention for something I didnt’ do. And the “teacher” homeroom monitor that gave it to me was the guy I grew up with down the street that was my brother’s age. He was a recent college grad in coaching and his dad was our principle and a very good friend, like an uncle. Well, I think the “power” went to his head. I was a 10th grader at the time and I had asked if I could go to the bathroom. When I went back to the auditorium where our study hall was, he was standing outside seemingly waiting for me and because I came from a different direction that what the nearest bathroom was, he thought I had gone to the school store to goof around in the Commons (the name of the lunchroom area where the Jr’s and Sr’s got to hang out for study hall, relatively unmonitored. He didn’t believe me when I told him I had gone to the other girls room, so I just had to deal with detention. That was the ONLY time I ever got it before or after so I would think my “good record” would have counted for something. My one consolation is that the detention teacher and the kids there, although slight troublemakerish reputations, all were nice to me and the teacher actually thought it totally bogus that I had to be there. I coulda been a brat and gone to the principle (his dad…but I didn’t want to be that way) as all the other kids never talked to the principle unless the world was coming to an end. I had known the man since I was a toddler so he never seemed like a bad guy in my eyes.
Then, once in college, I was crammed in a huge biology class and made the mistake of tilting my head or moving my eyes in such a way that made the professor holler out, “You, (pointing at me), eyes on your own paper!!” I was so embarrassed and shocked I could barely finish. I was super scared but had to defend myself so I schlepped to his office to say I was sorry, that I didn’t cheat and never had and I meant no harm. He was still a little gruff, but I think the fact that I went to his office immediately after class to say something to him helped me. I still shudder at that incident!
So, in a huge nutshell, it does suck when stuff like that happens and you get dinged for something harmless that wasn’t what it seemed. You’d think he’d give you a 1 time warning. Things are getting so a kid can’t be a kid anymore…hang in there, we’re here for you, and we all understand!!! :hug:

Sometimes it seems there’s nothing worse than getting in trouble for something you didn’t do. These days I look like the most boring middle-aged mommy…no one would guess the “trouble” I’ve been in! I had a friend in high school who used to say, “You’re only in trouble if YOU think you are.” Ha!

One thing I still get mad about is what happened to me, as a brand new freshman in college, when I innocently walked downtown from campus with a couple of dorm-mates. I felt so tired, I was exhausted from running around campus that day trying to get all my papers and classes in order. We didn’t have phones! I actually had to go to a gas station and wait in line at a pay phone behind about 20 others, in 90 degree heat, to call my high school to get information so I could register. Anyway, I was exhausted, so I sort of halfway sat on and halfway leaned up against a brickwall. All of a sudden, a cop riding by in a squad car starts screaming at me like I’m the scum of the earth. His face was all red and ugly and I can’t even tell you what he was saying, something about dragging me to jail if I didn’t keep moving. I was so shocked. I was just a tired little freshman on one of the most stressful days of my life. What a jerk!

school sucks but still go to uin coz that rocks, my teacher once hit me (big bad man what he was) and i was hit for not paying attension he said’ i thoght u move’ what i wasnt paying attension!

What? :??

Sorry about your bad day! It’s too bad you couldn’t prove you didn’t do it. :shrug:

Some things to keep in mind:

Teachers are WAY underpaid and overworked. They get kids in their classes who can’t read and are promoted anyways, kids who make it their goal to disrupt the class, and some kids who just don’t care and don’t do any work, and they just have to adapt. I have three teachers in my family, and believe me when I say that they’re working their tails off every day.

(Oh, and if you have science questions, PM me and I’ll see if I can assist you. I have a degree in Biology and would love to help if I can.)

I know what you mean. I’m in seventh grade as well, and I can’t wait until I’m out of COLLEGE and free to do what I want. That’ll be a while. But I understand what you’re going through. You’ll make it, just like I will! :happydance:

It might help to know that others have been in similar situations as yours.
When I was in 7th grade (30 yrs old now), my gym teacher had it in for me. I had some ankle problems that needed to heal. I had a note from the doctor stating the fact that I shouldn’t run in gym class for awhile. She gave me a dentention for “refusing” to run! I took that one to the principle though. I laugh about it now, about how ridiculous it was for this teacher to try and ignore a doctor’s note because in her opinion I seemed fine.

I certainly understand. I had trouble with a teacher my senior year of high school. She had just retired from the navy and wanted to run her classroom like it was the military. Our final project for the year was 25% of our grade and it involved using Power Point. However, the file had to run on her ancient computer and a much older version of the software. One of my friends was not very computer savvy and I helped him save the file the night before. When he brought the disk to class, it didn’t run and she wanted to fail him for it. I got into an argument with her and got sent to the principles office. Luckily, after four years, he knew I was at the top of my class and had never been in trouble before. He made the teacher work with my friend and he passed… and all I got was a lecture to be more polite to my teachers. Once in a while, things work out…

If you need help in math, science or history, let me know :slight_smile: I would be willing to help out too! I did 3 years of engineering and I’m now working on a history degree…

Where is the GREEN emoticon? I am SO ENVIOUS of people who are in seventh grade and are already knitting! If I had been knitting since I was in the seventh grade, I know there is NOTHING I wouldn’t be able to do with needles and yarn today. As it is, I still have to unravel way too much.

I thought this too, but I’m finally out of college and I wish I was back in school. Sure you’re going to have some bad teachers, but you’ll also have some great ones and good times in school. Enjoy it while you can.

Oh jeez. I’m only 22 and I would NEVER want to be a teenager again. I liked school, did well at it, but goodness, I’m glad it’s over.

::Big Hugs:: to you! I once had a teacher who gave me a D in her class because I was away for two days on a band trip, and then missed two more days because I caught the flu while travelling! I told her that I’d get her a note from my mom and my band teacher, and that I’d make up my work, and she said she didn’t want my notes or my work! I thought that was the end of it until I got my report card and there was a D on it. That was the only D I’ve ever gotten in my whole life (I was always an A’s and B’s kinda girl), and I’ll never forget it or her, the old hag. :grrr:

It does get better though! Keep your chin up! :hug:

I NEVER NEVER NEVER wish I were back in school. I guess it’s because I was in school for so long: 20 years!! That includes medical school.
I am a lifelong learner, but I don’t need school to learn any more.
It’s much better when you are out…unless you can’t get a job, then it’s really bad. Or when you have a job and a really crummy boss or you have to work with jerks. That’s worse than having a bad teacher.
Making money, though…that’s fun. And having your own place to live, that’s really great.

Honestly, sometimes, school seems like million years ago, and I can’t remember hardly anyone’s names anymore.

And other times, it feels like it was yesterday.

Hang in there. Life lesson for you: you can do ANYTHING for a short time (even sit in his class). Just be extra polite to that teacher so he feels bad for punishing you. :teehee: And everyone else will know that he is the real jerk for giving you detention.


Here’s my story. I had 2 teachers in my life that made my school years a living hell. To this day when I go home for the holidays and I see one of them at my parents church I avoid her like the plague. It was like she had it out for me from day 1. She went out of her way to try and find me doing something wrong so she could punich me. It was just awful. So awful that I just can’t get past how she treated me. And I also had other teachers that I just loved. Those 2 women made school just awful for me. The good teachers, unfortunately, didn’t make up for the 2 bad ones.

Now I’m not saying that I think about these 2 morons everyday, just when we go home for a visit, which isn’t too often, but I completely understand how you are feeling. It’s hard and just because you will get past it doesn’t mean that its not making your life seem like torture.

And I don’t think it’s right for teachers to pick and choose who they will ‘torture’ just because they don’t ‘get paid enough’. There are plenty of jobs in this world that make a huge difference in peoples’ lives that don’t get paid enough.

And while this too shall pass, remember it’ll pass like lightening speed before you know it. I know it’s going at a snails pace right now, but it really isn’t. Try to enjoy what time you have left. Just do your best, that’s all you can do. Even if no one else believes you - you are the one who knows that you are doing your best and that’s all that matters in life.

Good luck sweetie. :hug: :hug:

I just had one of those moments where you hear angles sing!! Thank God someone else realizes that!!!

I’m with you Jan…