Can I use wota for the fiber trends clogs?

I know the pattern says heavy worsted weight wool but would that work??

Two strands of WOTA works perfectly–I think the majority of clogs around here were knit with WOTA.

Great thanks for the speedy reply! :muah:

[color=indigo]When using WOTA for the Fiber Trend Clogs, is it doubled or just one strand? About how many yards/oz per pair, say of women’s medium sized clogs? I’m thinking of making them as Christmas presents for family members so will be ordering WOTA in bulk. I don’t have the pattern in front of me and want to figure out an order to KnitPicks… :teehee: [/color]

Don’t know your other answers, but see Ingrids reply.


It’s 600 yards for women’s medium - 6 skeins WOTA. If you’re doing two color clogs, then 2 skeins of the upper color and 4 skeins of the sole/cuff color.

These make GREAT Christmas presents - especially if you give them unfelted and can watch the recipient’s face when they open them! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Have fun! :cheering:


What an evil Santa you are! :teehee:

I’m not really that evil a Santa. :teehee:

I gave them unfelted to DH, my Dad and Dad’s DSO on Christmas morning. My Dad’s were blue and grey, and he was wearing one of them like a Smurf hat that morning. When everyone came for Christmas dinner I did a massive clog felt, and everyone got a custom fit that way. It was fun and there was also the WOW :?? :notworthy: factor between the unfelted and felted sizes.

If I have to mail felted items I do the felting and make an educated guess on the size, but that one Christmas morning was priceless.! :teehee: