Can I use worsted weight yarn?

I several sweater patterns that call for chunky yarn but i’d rather use worsted weight. Is that possible? How will that affect the finished product if I try. Here is one of the patterns I was thinking of trying(the others are in a book) Thanks.

You can sub, you may have to use a smaller needle unless you like how the worsted knits up on a 10. I like that gauge, but most people don’t. Even if you do use a 10, it may come out to a little smaller than the pattern gauge, so the size you pick may turn out smaller. Usually just going up a size will work, you need to find out how many sts/inch you get, and multiply that time the chest measurement you want and see which size has close to that number of sts for front and back.

Yes, whichever needle you use, you should knit up a sample with the yarn to see what your gauge is with it so you’ll know which size to follow.