Can I use three needle bind off for toes?

I think I remember reading an answer to this somewhere, but I don’t remember. I don’t have a problem with grafting, but three needle bind off is neater. Will it work for sock toes?

I’ve done it for sock toes, but the seam is noticeable. There is also a bit of a ridge that you will feel if your toes are sensitive or your shoes a little snug. Personally, even though it takes longer, I prefer the look and feel of the grafted toes, but that’s my opinion… if you want to do and prefer the 3NBO, I say go for it!!! They’re your socks, right? :wink: :thumbsup:

My toes aren’t that sensitive, but that’s good to know. I think I just wanted to do it to see what happens, you know? I think I’ll graft these. Thanks for the input!

Not a prob, and I was glad to help. The socks that I did the 3NBO on, the only reason I had done it that way is because I hadn’t discovered this website {and Amy’s great grafting video!} yet! I couldn’t manage to figure out how to graft using books, so I overcasted my first pair, and did 3NBO for the second pair… then I found KH! :cheering: :cheering:

I did end up grafting them (well, it - I haven’t started the second yet). I may still try three needle bind off for toes at some point. Maybe if I make some socks I’m not really crazy about. :thinking:
The next step, though, is to try toe up again! Yargh.

3NBO does leave a definite ridge inside, which I imagine could be annoying.