Can I use this?

For all you pattern buffs,

I have some rowan biggy print to use up and I’m wanting to make an afghan/lapghan with it.

Can I use the biggy print with this pattern ?

Or is there a pattern for an afgah/lapghan for biggy print yarn


The link didn’t work so I don’t know what pattern it is. All you need to do go to the yarn on LB and then click patterns. It’ll show you patterns for that yarn and offers substitutions. If the gauge is the same then you’re good to go, but who really cares since it’s an afghan. :wink:

The link worked for me, maybe your Lion cookies expired, Jan. I think I had to login again after they changed their website and I didn’t need to as long as I used this computer.

Anyway Catz, yes, it should work with the Biggy print. Are you using the size 50 needles, or smaller ones?

I’m going to be using 20mm needles, which ever size they are in US measurements.

Those are smaller than in the pattern which uses 25mm. So it will be a little narrower, or you could CO about 10 or 12 more sts.

Thanks, I’ll cast on an extra few stitches.