Can I use this yarn?

Hi all,

My pattern calls for a merino worsted wool, 100g=216 yds. My wool is 100% merino wool, but is 50g=127 yds. The pattern says that the gauge is 6sts and 12 rows= 2 inches in a cable stitch pattern, using size 10 and 11 needles. The yarn tag says the gauge is 4-5 st/in on a 6-8 needle. Can I use it? Should I double the yarn - would that make it thicker? (it’s for a hat)

Thanks for your help!

Have you worked up a gauge swatch on the 10 and 11 needles? You may get your gauge with the yarn you have. I think doubling it might be too bulky.

Also, make sure you have enough yarn to finish your hat. The pattern calls for yarn that has 216 yards per skein but you only have 127 yards in yours. You will need more of the yarn you have to match the yardage of the yarn called for in the pattern.

I have a number of skeins of it, so I am not worried about running out, but I will try what you said and see if it works. Thanks for the help!

I think your instinct to double it may work out well. You’re supposed to get only 3 sts per inch in a cable pattern. That’s very few stitches in that gauge. I would try out a pretty large swatch, though, because with cables, you need to do that to figure out really what you’re getting per inch.

Thanks for the advice. When counting the sts on the gauge, should I count the ones on the cable, or the ones in between or both? When the cable is twisted, I find it hard to measure. Do you have any tips?

I’m asssuming the number of sts in the cable pattern is 6? Cast on the number of sts used in the pattern repeat X4, plus 12. In other words: 6 sts, the pattern repeat of 6 X 4, which is 24, and then another 6. That’s 36 sts. Work 6 sts in reverse stockinette st (the purl bumps on the outside), then the cable pattern 4 times, then 6 sts in reverse stockinette st. So this for about 4 inches and then you’ll really know your gauge. It’s a lot, but if you do less than that, you won’t really get a good idea and then may have to rip out the whole hat and start over.

The reason you’re doing the 6 sts of reverse stockinette on either side is that you’ll have easy, distinct borders from which to measure. If you don’t get gauge, just do a ridge of garter st and keep going. You can measure the new needle size from the garter ridge, instead of ripping out and re-casting on and starting from scratch.

Wow, thanks for making this so much easier than I thought!

Hey dimple. You’re going to encounter this a lot with patterns. Where they will call for a yarn in a certain g/yds that is different than what you are able to find. I always divide them out and use that number to match stuff up. For example. Your pattern is calling for 100g per 216 yards. Divided out this is 2.1 yds/g and what you have is 50g/127 yds or 2.54 yds/g. Those numbers are close enough that using one over the other should not make a significant difference. So just keep this in miind when you go to the store to buy yarn. If you divide out the g/yds you will end up with a number that you can use to compare all other yarns.

Yep, they should be close enough to work out. You won’t know until you try it.