Can I use this instead?

I was wondering, would anyone know if I could use a chenille yarn instead of a wrosted weight? Because, I have this pattern that calls for worsted weight yarn, but I saw this Caron Glimmer yarn at the store and I want to use it instead. If this is possible, let me know thank you.

Check the gauge of both yarns. You can sometimes get away with using something similar, but if it’s a lot different then it will affect the gauge and outcome. I’m no expert though… :thinking:

as far as the gauges go…the typical worsted weight is 4.5 stitches & 6 rows / 1 inch on a US 8 and the Glimmer is 3 stitiches & 5 rows / 1 inch on a US 10

I’m not enitrely sure that that is close enough for a substitution…if anyone knows a way that i can make th gauges closer, let me know

I depends on what you want to make. If you’re making something like a blanket, you can just use fewer stitches. For a garment, you could try to make a smaller size. I suspect that if you use small enough needles with the glimmer to get the same gauge, you’ll have a fabric that can stand up by itself.