Can i use straight needles or does it have to be dpn's?

I’m in love with this pattern and no matter how many videos, drawings and what nots i look at, using double needles is clearly not my thing!

could i still make this pattern using straight needles, as far as i understand it there will one seam on each link if i use straights but if i do it neatly and it’s then felted, how noticeable do you think it will be?

much appreciated.

I think you can certainly do it on straight needles – the fact that its felted will help to hide the seam.

Double pointed needels certainly take some work to get used to – particularly making sure that stitch is tight where you switch from one needle to the next. Who knows… maybe if you force yourself to do this project with them – you’ll figure it out!

Good luck whichever way you go. Its a neat pattern.