Can I use something like duplicate stitch?

I have a garter border on my lace sweater, clearly messed up and purled one section in the middle where I should have knitted. I am not going to rip back, as it’s situation so it could look intentional.

However, I thought before I just ignore it, maybe I could use a duplicate stitch (except opposite instead of actually duplicate) to stitch over that section…but I think I need a picture to see what I’m doing. Does such a thing exist? Is this possible?

Duplicate stitch garter? Not sure I’ve ever seen that…:think: I’d probably rip it and fix the border only.

I agree with Jan. Though it is a hassle, you wouldn’t be happy with how it came out and then have to rip it back anyway. Just save yourself the grief and frustration and figure it is a lesson learned in patience. That is what I always do when I make a booboo and have to rip back.