Can I use Merino Stlye on this pattern & other questions

I wanna make this and since I’m almost done with all my scarves I’m thinking ahead :lol:
It calls for Lamb’s pride which I’ve used and like but 5 skeins of that and :shock: to close to Christmas but of course I want this before Christmas so can I use knitpicks Merino style on this? I don’t wanna mess up again and I’m so bad about seeing a yarn and just jumping into the pattern and then it not working… also can anything be used for mittens :oops: aaaanddd as I was working with bernat denim style I love this stuff I made my son’s scarf out of this and now working on another but its so soft I was wondering boot socks?? or noooo… don’t even try it or your denimstyle socks will end up like your denimstyle hat!! TIA :thumbsup:

I couldn’t get Knit Picks to load so I could check, but I don’t think Merino style is bulky, and this pattern is for bulky yarn. That would make a huge difference.

As long as the yarn weight is the same, you can pretty much substitute any one for another to start with and then check what your gauge is.

Merino is a DK weight as i recall. This calls for Lambs Pride Bulky. you are gonna need a bunch of Merino to match the weight of the Bulky.

You might be able to substitute KPs Decadence. They do have some really nice bulky yarns…

isn’t Decadence between 5-7 bucks too though? i can’t recall and haven’t gotten so crazy as to bring all my color cards to work with me…YET!.. seems like it was though…and at that rate, might as well use the Lamb’s Pride.

okay i am finding their computer troubles to be inconvenient now! :wink:

i thought i almost had a soluton but Yarndex isn’t bringing anything up for Knit picks right now either. harrrrrrrrrrrrrumph!

ooh…I dont remember what the price was on that.

Yarndex never brings up anything for KP. :rollseyes:

well then they should stop listing them! double harrrrrrrrrrrrumph!

seriously me being at work is a very big waste of time and if i weren’t i would already know the answer to this question!! :rollseyes:

Thanks guys bulky I need bulky… my LYS sells lamb’s pride 7.95 sooo… I can’t get into knitpicks either maybe they are adding new yarn :lol: I’m slowly adding to my color cards I don’t have decadence…

do you have a catalog? it should be in there.

my LYS sells bulky for $6.95 so if you want me to pick some up for you and mail it let me know and i will.

ok found my catalog and here are the bulky’s

Decadence 100%Superfine Alpaca Bulky Weight
Twirl 69%Superfine Alpaca, 28% Wool, 3% Nylon Bulky weight
Sierra 70% Wool, 30% Superfine Alpaca Bulky weight
Get Away 35%Tactel, 35% Nylon,18% Cotton, 12% Acrylic Bulky weight
Vacation 35% Tactel, 35% Nylon, 18% Cotton, 12% ACrylic Bulky weight

So I could use any of these? The are all cheaper than Lamb’s pride… :thumbsup: Thank you Brendajos for the offer!! If these will not work I’ll re-check their price and let ya know :smiley:

check the gauge on those compared to LP and you should be good!

Thanks Brendajos!! Gonna go back to the original of Lamb’s Pride after adding it up its only like 5.00 more but if I buy the extra skein I would prolly need of decadence it would be more soo yeah back to Lamb’s Pride… :thumbsup:

I just want to say that I am so proud of you for doing your “homework” first before buying. Good luck on the sweater! :thumbsup: I’m sure it will be great.

Thank you April!! I went to the LYS and they didn’t have Lamb’s pride in bulky I thought they did :thinking: just cotton and worsted… so they told me I could try this…Plymouth Yukon Print… but you get 2sts per inch… its bulky though and thats with a size 15 needle so could I go down? the only thing is doesn’t have much yardage so it would be better to buy the Lambs Pride bulky its cut in 1/2 yardage wise… Brendajos I might be taking you up on that offer after I finish these scarfs… I got the yarn yesterday to finish JD’s, start my grandfather’s, gotta finish my dad’s and JD added his Sil… and a dishcloth for the neighbors… :shock: it just keeps growing!! I haven’t knitted since Friday which is another :shock:

ooo merino style is my faaavorite yarn in the world! You could use a double strand, that might end up bulky!