Can I use Lion Brand 'Kool Wool' for Cable Sweater?

I want to make this Lion Brand Fisherman’s sweater:

It says to use Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

But I’d like to use something that’s supercheap at, like the Lion Brand Kool Wool:

It seems a little bulky for cables though. Has anyone used Kool Wool for a cable sweater?


As long as you get the right gauge, you should be fine. I used that yarn for a cabled sweater once. A little warm, but not horribly so.

Check the yarn weight… I THINK Fisherman’s wool is a 4… find out what Kool Wool is… and it they yarn weights are the same ( and your gauge is good) it should work…
Most patterns recommend a type of yarn… but almost all can be substituted with another…
the cool wool may be cooler to the skin. than the fisherman~

[color=indigo]Cool Wool twist will give the sweater a characteristic texture which should nicely compliment the cable pattern.

It should be fine; just take care to make necessary adjustments to your gauge.

Good luck! :D: :wink:


Thanks all. So if weights are the same, then it’s a good guess that the item will do OK with a substitute yarn?


Do you mean the Kool Wool was warm or the Fisherman’s? I’m in S. TX, and aside from the cold spell we’ve had recently I don’t anticipate needing too hot a sweater.