Can I use circular needles instead of the double pointed needles in this pattern


I’m attempting to knit my first sweater and am feeling really intimated. I’ve done so many scarfs and some complex patterns, with lots of different stitches and even cable knit, but making a sweater just really gets me so confused. But I am sure I can do it! My first question is in this pattern they have double pointed needles being used for the sleeves, why can’t I just use the circular needles?


Lovely pattern, good luck with it. I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to use circs instead of dpns for the sleeves! Post a photo here or in the whatcha knitting thread when it’s finished, we all love seeing fo’s :smiley:


The only problem you might run into is that the size at the wrist and lower arm may require a rather small circular (9"). The other possibility is to use 2 circular needles or magic loop with a much longer circular.

Thanks for the link to this lovely pattern. You can do this sweater, I’m sure. We’ll all be happy to help with any questions.