Can I use circ's instead of regualr?

I was wondering if I could knit this top ‘in the round’ with my circular needles, instead of two pieces, front and back separtely?
And, if I could, would I just cast on double the amount of stitches and make adjustments for the cable in the front?
THANK YOU SO MUCH for ANY information regarding this pattern!
The link to the pattern is on top, up there^ (i hope the link thing worked!).

Sure you can. Knit from the hem up to the armholes, then you’ll have to start working front and back separately, and then separate again so you have 4 shoulders. You can even graft the shoulders so that you don’t have any seams at all.

Just be sure to mark the “side seams” when you start, so you get the armholes properly placed.

THANK YOU.:muah: