Can I use an alernative wool

Hi, I have a pattern for a baby aran cardigan. It uses aran with wool content. Can I substitute with an acrylic aran instead. Will it knitt up the same and need the same amount of wool. Thanks for any advice, its been years since I’ve knitt - just dusting off the needles again.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The simplest thing to do is substitute the same weight yarn. If the pattern calls for an aran [I]weight[/I] yarn (~18sts/4inches) then substitute another yarn that knits to a similar gauge. Of course you’ll do a swatch to make sure you’re using the right size needles for the pattern.
The acrylic may not give exactly the same stitch definition as the wool, but’ll it’ll look good nevertheless and be much easier to wash.

A fairly large swatch will also let you see if you like the way the yarn knits up in your pattern stitch. I sub yarns all the time and expect you’ll have no problems.

Thanks for the help.