Can I use a circular needle instead of double pointed needles?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make a beret using a pattern from Twinkle’s Weekend Knits. The pattern calls for size 19 double pointed needles, but I couldn’t find any, so I bought a size 19 circular needle with a 29" cord. It says to cast on 36 stitches. I was wondering if this will work or if the circular needle is too big for this project?


With that long a cord you’ll have to do Magic Loop. You’d need a 16 inch circ to knit in a circle w/o ML. Suzeeq does a modified ML which you could also do, but I’m not familiar with it. There are instructions under advanced techniques for ML.

The modified single loop can be found at a couple places -
Single Loop‎ , Single Loop instead of Magic Loop and Modified Magic Loop