Can I untwist my twisted sweater?

I’ve knitted about three inches of a garment in the round on circular needles, and just realized that there is a twist in it. Is there any way to save the knitting, or do I have to rip it out?

Not at three inches… ripit, ripit…

When you get down to the last row, you may be able to twist it the right way again and put it on the needles. Saves having to do the caston again.


We’ve all done it–at least I know I have. There’s really no way to fix it. :frog:

There is no way to untwist it. Unfortunately you have to rip it back. You can’t even put it carefully back on the needles, it will still have that twist in it. At least it’s only 3 inches.

OK. I ripped it out and restarted. The bottom has lace, and I made some mistakes early on. At least I get to correct that now. :wall:

You’ll feel better about it, as much as frogging hurts - it will feel good to get it done properly and fix your mistakes. Keep it up! :hug: