Can I switch from worsted to chunky?

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”]Hi all,
I’d like to make one of the two patterns below and also use up a skein of Wool-Ease I have had forever. I’m wondering if this will work.

It would be good if this pattern -

  • ended up slightly bigger, because my toddler’s giant head is 21" around and the pattern only results in a hat 18" around. Of course, I would only use one strand instead of the double-stranding.

The other pattern I’m thinking about is

but a change in size of the FO probably wouldn’t be good for that.

If it helps, I tend to knit tightly. I just finished a project (my first sweater vest!) that was supposed to be done on size 8 needles and I used size 10 to get the right gauge.

Any advice for a kinda-new knitter? TIA!![/FONT]

You could knit the hat on 10.5s or even 11s to make it larger; you’d have to knit up a sample to see if you get less than 4 sts/inch. The helmet pattern wouldn’t work out well the way it’s written if you substitute chunky yarn. It calls for size 5 needles which would be a very dense knit with worsted and like armor with thicker yarn. But if you want to use thick yarn, you need to go up to at least size 10.5s and CO about 2/3 the number of sts in the pattern, say about 50 and go from there.

Hi and welcome!

Wool ease is worsted, but it seems almost thinner to me so going to chunky might make these awfully large. Have you considered just making an adult size?

This is created by our own Julie from KH. :wink:

Thanks for the ideas!

I looked at adult-sized projects, but haven’t really found anything that I like. I want something that covers my son’s neck, but I know he’ll object to a balaclava that covers his face. He refuses to zip his coat all the way up, so his neck is always exposed and he gets snow in his coat as well. Brr! I liked the helmet because it looks less ‘removable’, but I think the hat project is much cuter and he probably won’t hate it as much. :slight_smile:

If I knit up the hat swatch on 11s, do I [I]want[/I] less than 4sts/inch? Or am I trying to match the gauge on the pattern with 11s?

Thanks everyone.

When you go up in needle size the sts are larger and the same number of sts will measure more. You said the hat would be too small, and the pattern gauge is 4 sts per inch. The largest number of sts is 64 which is 16" (it probably stretches to 18"). If you get 3.5 sts/inch the 64 sts will measure about 18¼" which may be about right if you want it 21" around. So it’s up to you, to match the gauge or make it a bit bigger.

Ahhh… I get it. Sounds like 3.5sts/inch would turn out just about right. Now I must resist the urge to knit my swatch at midnight and try it tomorrow. Thanks so much!