Can i switch circular needles?

I am using a 20in circular needles. Is there anyway I can switch to 16in circular needles? I am knitting in the round. I don’t want to switch to dpns yet, I have alot of stitches still.

Are you using interchangeables? I attach the needle tip I will be working with to the shorter cable and work the stitches off the longer cable and then I can move the other needle tip to the new cable. If you are using fixed circs, you can just start working with the shorter ones.

The easiest way is to take the 16" needle and cable and start knitting them off onto the new needle. No, trick to it, but make sure the stitches don’t fall off the other end of either cable and needle.

But if I am knitting in the round won’t the last stitch be attached to the old circular needle?

When you knit it with the new circ it’s just like knitting a round with the same needle. Try it, there won’t be any complications.

When you work your stitches onto the shorter circ needle, you will move [U]all[/U] the stitches from the old needle to the new needle in one round.

Yes, you can. Just start knitting with the new circs. Or you could use the magic loop method.