Can I swap one yarn for another in this pattern?

So I am finally feeling confident enough in my abilities to make an attempt for the Hunger Games inspired District 12 Wrap. It is a Lionbrand pattern that calls for Wool Ease Quick and Thick. The pattern calls for FIVE balls, TWO balls (double strand) for the Cowl and THREE balls (single strand) for the Wrap. The directions say to use 2 strands of yarn for the Cowl, so I am assuming that you would make a big ball of the two yarns together to form one big ball, but I am afraid of running out.

My problem: I actually want to use Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn instead of the Quick/Thick if I can. I need to make sure that I have enough yarn, and that I can follow the same pattern with the same needles (US13 for double strand cowl, US35 for single strand wrap).

I cannot knit a gauge swatch until I order the yarn online because there are no yarn stores near me, but the Berroco gauge uses smaller needles and creates more stitches, so I am sure that if you used US13 that the gauge would adjust and be very close to the Gauge of the Quick/Thick yarn and there are more yards in the ball to make up for the size difference in needles. I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes sense.

So, I could buy 5 balls of Quick/Thick, as is suggested in the pattern but if I wanted to knit with the Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which has more yardage per ball, would I still only need 5 balls? I am pretty sure that the difference between the two should be negligible but I want to make sure before I order.

I am hoping to order in the morning so I would really appreciate it if someone has any insight. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Great looking pattern.
If you use the bulky yarn on the same size needles, the cowl and wrap will turn out lacier (a looser knit) than they would with the super bulky. You may or may not like this but the only way to know is to try a bulky yarn on the needles.
Since the Alpaca is 131yds/ball and the T&Q is 106yds, you’ll need very slightly over 4 balls of the Alpaca so 5 balls should be a safe amount to order.
Don’t wind the two balls together for the double stranded cowl. That gets messy since one strand always gets ahead of the other. Pull the two strands from two separate balls as you knit.

How much of a lacy effect would there be, do you think? I saw this girl’s completed project with this pattern on Ravelry, she used Cascade Ecological yarn which is just Bulky (not super bulky), but I did not notice hers having a lace effect. I thought the gauge would probably be similar to the Berroco. The only difference was that with the yarn she used she doubled up the strands, so she used 4 strands (instead of 2) for the cowl, and then used 2 strands (instead of 1) for the wrap. I am hoping that it will be close enough that I won’t have to do that with the Berroco Ultra Alpaca

I wish I could picture what it would look like, I’m just not as experienced.

I love Alpaca yarn, but I haven’t been able to find a Super Chunky that was not 50G and 44yds per ball (meaning I’d need 10-12 balls for most at anywhere from $10-15 per ball.

Do you know of anything like that? I’ve never used silk yarns or anything, I just want something to be super soft.

The stitches are going to be looser and the knit fabric not as dense. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you should be aware of it.
You may even prefer it.

So it won’t look like a sling of Swiss cheese, just have more drape and feel lighter?

If it were you would you give it a shot with the Berroco Ultra Alpaca?

It should be close enough that you wouldn’t need to double the strands (knitting the cowl with 4 strands instead of 2, etc.) it will just be a little smaller and looser?

Oh no, I don’t think Swiss cheese at all. It should be yummy and soft in the Alpaca. I wouldn’t increase the strands on the cowl. I think that’ll be too thick although you’ll be able to tell when you try the yarn out.

Okay, I finally decided to go with the Berocco and ordered this morning. 6-10 business days. I actually got 6 balls to be safe, I figured I could make a matching hat or something. Thanks for your help.

I still find gauge very tricky.