Can I substutite Kp Kp K instead of k&bf k&fb k for the bobbles?

I am knitting an baby blanket for my daughter-in-law’s friend who is having a baby in Dec. The pattern is Lion Brands Baby Soft Knit Ripple Effect Baby Afghan . The number is 1208A. It has me making popcorn bobbles on the front side using Knit in front and back 2 times k, in one stitch but when I do it it ends up on the back side of my work. Can I substitute KpKpK for the KF&B KF&B k? I would like to know so I can rip out what I have done before I get too far into it. I am still on Row 1 of the pattern.

Yes, I would think you can, go ahead and try it on a sample to see if it works okay doing a complete bobble. You should end up with the last knit in the front with the kfbfbf, but it sure would be tight.

Thanks so much for the reply Suzeeq. I had only done 4 repeats of it so I will rip it put stitch by stitch so I don’t lose or gain extra stitches. I am doing it in white royal blue and Scarlet with two rows of black between the colors to make them pop.