Can I substitute yarn for slippers?

I have gotten back to knitting after a very long absence and want to make slippers like my mother used to. I finally found a pattern that looks familiar:

However, the yarn I want to use is this:

I know it’s not a straight substitution, but I’m thinking if I convert the number of stitches in the pattern over to “inches” based on gauge, and then convert the inches to stitches based on the gauge of the new yarn, that would work? or not? :??

Thanks for the help!

Thats a big difference in yarn from worsted to super bulky. No reason you can’t try and do the math for it. If it doesn’t work you should know early on. Generally it’s easiest to make a straight substitution.

You’re holding two strands of worsted weight together, which I believe would be a superbulky. A size 10 might be hard to knit superbulky with. I believe Bev’s pattern for these uses a 10 1/2. You may find it easier to use an 11. Measure it on your feet as you go. The worst that can happen is you’ll have to unravel your work and do something else.

Wonderful! I’m going to give it a whirl and see. Thanks for the link.