Can i subsitute the the heel for a different heel?

Hi there,
i am finishing up my first sock on my first pair of toe up socks. I had previously only done cuff down socks on dpn’s. I picked up “Toe-up Socks for every body” by Wendy D. Johnson at my local library, i love the patterns and have found it very easy to figure out the patterns. My only criticism in the heels in the books. The heels start by increasing the gusset, i have never done socks with increasing at the heel. The heels i have done just split the the stitches in half and work the heel on that half of the stitches. So long story short, my question is it is possible to skip increasing and just do the heel by dividing the stitches in half? or will this ruin the pattern/sock?


Short answer: You can do any heel you want on any sock. Qualified answer: Are you wanting a short row, no gusset heel? If you’re accustomed to heel flaps which are gusseted heels you might not like the short row heel. IME it doesn’t fit as well or wear as well. If you’ve already increased for the gusset you might go ahead and try the heel turn to see how you like it.

Depending on the pattern you’re working it could mess up some part of the pattern, cables or other stitch patterns. I put comfort before style in my sox. I won’t do no-gusset short row heels. Period.