Can I subsitute CN lengths in this particluar pattern?

Hello, I want to make this cowel neck scarf for my mom by christmas. It’s pretty easy. My only problem is that I went to the craft store and they did not have the circular kneedle length I needed which is 24" long. They only had 29". The circumference of the finished cowel is 28". Can I substitute the 29" for the 24" without a problem? If not, are there any other ideas? There aren’t any other places where I can get kneedles around here. Help! :shock: Heheh.

Pattern here.


With the difference in length being only an inch, I might be tempted to try it, but it may skew the work a bit. Best option to use the same pattern would be to purchase 2 circs and work it that way. You could also try to fudge the pattern to work it up flat and then seam it.

Could you find shorter needles?? YOu can always scrunch more stitches on and it would be better than stretching your yarn, especially since the directions for this one are to not block it.

I just started a test run and it’s been going well. It’s actually nice and roomy instead of being stretched and tight. It’s also better than too squished together where stitches like to just pop off. This could just work! :cheering: