Can I save this blanket?


My mother knit a beautiful angora wool (I think) blanket for my son when he was born a year ago. My husband, trying to be helpful, WASHED IT. :sweat: It is a little shrunken, and flat. The beautiful softness and fluff is gone. Google tells me that fabric softener and water may allow me to stretch it back out, but I’m looking for advice on how to salvage it, if that’s possible. Is there any way to fluff it back up safely? Dryer balls on air dry? Anything??? Help!! I’m so sad, and don’t have the heart to tell my mom yet.

Congratulations on the fine new baby, now a toddler.
I was hoping that someone would have a miracle cure for this. I don’t know of anything to do once a wool or other animal fiber item is felted
There was a product available a couple of years ago but it got terrible reviews.

I’m sorry not to have better news.

Since it’s angora you might be able to get it wet and block it which may make it look better. Angora is an animal fiber though and it likely felted a little so it may not fluff up or stretch out very much, but it’s worth a try.

Googlefu brought this up

Maybe your spouse did laundry and put something in the dryer that wasn’t supposed to go, or you simply got distracted and didn’t hear the timer go off. Accidents happen. If your favorite cashmere ends up looking like it belongs on your 6-year-old niece, remain calm. There is a solution, and it’s fairly simple.

So…that might help?