Can I REALLY Cut This?

So I found something I want to try to do for a swap partner’s package but I was a little scared when it said to CUT the felted item to the size/shape described. REALLY? CUT it??? This is safe, right?

Also, I have a front loader machine so would it be best to felt in the sink with plunger as I’ve read about on here a few times?


Ys, once it’s felted you will have no problems cutting it (as long as it’s felted so much you can’t see any/very little stitch definition).

I can’t speak to how fast it will felt in the sink/plunger method as i’ve never done it that way. it may take longer, but I’m sure it will work.

I’ve cut felted items many times with no problem.

Okey-dokey. I just kind of had a freak-out moment and before I completely went bonkers thinking about it, I thought I would ask you guys. THANK YOU… I’ll be sure it is felted well. This will be FUN!!! Ahhh the things we learn and go through for swap partners. LOL.

I’d go bucket in the bathtub with the curtains drawn method rather than in the sink or you’ll be cleaning up water from every cranny within 10 feet of your sink. It’s pretty messy!
I’ve heard it doesn’t actually take longer to felt this way, except that few of us are able to provide the full on agitation without break like a machine can. It took me about 1.5 hours including some breaks to rest up my arms to felt up my slippers.

if it felted it wont unravel. :noway: its cool.