Can i put knitting needles in the dish washer?

I bought some needles off ebay - most of them are the grey plastic coated metal ones, some plastic and some wooden. The trouble is the seller saw fit to wrap them all in parcel tape before posting so now some of them are really sticky with fluff etc. stuck to them. Obviously not ideal for knitting! If I stuck them in the dishwasher will that melt or wreck them or will I just try soaking them in the sink???

Get some “Goo Gone”, that stuff is amazing. It’s in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store. Small bottle, about 6" tall, yellow liquid. :slight_smile:

don’t think we have that in Ireland - but it might be called something else!

Oh, wow, I didn’t even notice your location! Well, good luck, sorry I can’t answer your question about the dishwasher! Maybe you can find some goo gone on ebay, too. :slight_smile:


Try lighter fluid - it’s basically the same stuff and will get rid of the sticky bits.

Be sure to wash your hands and the needles thoroughly afterwards though with soap and water.

I just use a cloth with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover for cleaning sticky off things

Thanks, think my dad has meths in the shed for his paint brushes - trouble is it stinks! I found Goo Gone online - but eh price varied from £5-8 (about $9-15) - I wonder if I can get it in a hardware shop

Mineral oil works well to remove stickies too.

Vinegar or Alcohol should do perfectly…from one Lucy to another :wink:

BTW, ANY oil should do, don’t spend a bunch on Goo Gone, though it IS good. Try some WD-40 or just any such oil! Just make sure you wash it really well with soap and water (and dry it) afterwards, to make sure no residue gets on your work.

I once had some double pointed needles that were kept together with a rubber band, and I used gas to get the goo off. Problem is, gas is not cheap anymore. :shrug:

Even cooking oil might work!

Yah, 2nd vote for cooking oil - cheap, ubiquitous, non-toxic. Believe me, it works - I once used creamy peanut butter to get chewing gum off patent leather shoes - and the oils worked like a dream!! So anything oily works…

I use isopropyl alcohol - only because I already had it. I often buy secondhand needles and want to clean them well! Secondhand stuff can be YUCKY and alcohol cleans grime as well as stickiness from sticky tape, and residue from those ancient rubber bands that bake onto the needles.

I actually think that dishwashing won’t remove the stickiness! Have you ever had a plate or glass with sticky residue from a price sticker? I have, and standard washing in a dishwasher didn’t remove the stickiness, soap and water just doesn’t do it for those residues. I agree, try oil or alcohol (even a spirit may be strong enough if you have it, or any cooking oil).


Isopropyl alcohol will work just fine.

I just used a baby wipe to clean sticky stuff of the needles I was given :shrug:

try rubbing powder and wash it with warm water…powder will rub off the sticky

If all else fails, try lighter fluid. It’s cheap and works instantly.