Can I ply yarn on a drop spindle?

Hi, from a Non-spinner!
i have been given a large quantity of hand spun yarn by a lady that loves to spin, but hates wook objects and knitting! (Can you imagine>) Anyway, I have several balls of a very fine single ply yarn that I would like to combine for a thicker yarn. Can I combine 2 or 3 of these with a drop spindle? Are single strands like this called "singles’? This yarn is probably even lighter than a lace weight and would like to have either sock/glove yarn or even a sport wgt. Thanks for any help! Annieo_36 :verysad:

Yep, you can certainly ply on a drop spindle. Drop each ball into a separate bowl or box, and hold each strand together as you spin them into one yarn. Just make sure to spin them in the opposite direction that the singles are spun!